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Most popular and high quality hoverboard for sale at floatingboard.com. We are the most popular hoverboard sellers online with dozens of different

hoverboards available in multiple colors. Select the one which is most suitable for you and place your order today and get guaranteed shipping in 5 days!


Most hoverboards offered on our website are UL certified, which means you will not face excessive heating and burning issues which many hoverboards

are known for. All our hoverboards are tested for one or the other safety measures with UL being one of them.

Shipping within 7 days or money back

We ship most orders within 2 working days and depending upon which state you live in, you will receive your product within 7-8 days. If you do not

receive it in 8 days, you can ask for a full refund!

Multiple Designs & Colors

Currently we have 6.5 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inches hoverboards available in stock in black, red, golden, and white color. So select the one you like the most

and proceed with 100% secure paypal payments.


Best hoverboard supplier online.They offer UL2272 certified hoverboards, so it is safe to use them without any fire/heating concerns. Not to mention free shipping they offer, my hoverboard was delivered within 4 days! Amazing service and prices are simply unbeatable.
John Facebook
I ordered on 1 jan and got hoverboard delivered by 5th jan. It is working perfectly till now and i use it on daily basis!
Michael Facebook
Simply the best hoverboard retailer online. Best designs, best prices and batteries with UL certification.
Lucy Anderson Facebook

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