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How many days does it take for delivery?
If you are in USA it usually takes no more then 5-7 days, depending upon the city you live in. When we receive an order we usually ship out within 2 working days, after that courier service may take another 3-4 days to deliver the product.
How can i pay?
You can pay using credit card or paypal.
What batteries do you use?
We use powerful samsung batteries which will cause minimum to NO heating issues.
Do you offer warranty?
Yes we offer 3 months warranty on all our products.
Do you offer refunds?
If we fail to deliver the product within 10 working days, we will issue refund unless the product has already been shipped.
Are these hoverboards safe?
We offer quality batteries and many products on our website comes with UL2272 batteries. We have not received any complaints till date.